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At long last I managed to get the exhibition up and running.
Thanks to Genny at Green Island Gallery for getting it all off the ground.
So far so good, people appear to like what I am doing and are spending their hard earned money on hanging my work on their walls.

Anyway heres a small part of what I am displaying


a long time coming

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in more ways than one, this post is a long time coming.

1. its been a while since i posted anything up. been so busy trying to get the business going that I just didnt have time to post here.

2. we have been in Dunedin for 7 months now and until yesterday I hadn’t been out on the monarch wildlife cruise.

So, I have been looking to do some marketing work for Monarch for a while now and I finally managed to free up some time yesterday. Sods law, the light was rubbish. after the last few weeks of bright golden sun and blue sky ( well most of the time) I picked the greyest day going. Never mind it was a fun day out, even if the marketing type shots went a little by the wayside. Difficult environment to shoot in, 40 odd folk on a wee boat looking at wildlife, with little or no opportunity to capture them doing what they are doing without getting in the way of them doing it ( does that make sense).

Anyway, managed to get a few shots, but I am going to go back another couple of times to really capture what they are all about. BTW. if you are ever in Dunedin, I would recommend taking a trip with them, its only an hour or so, but there is so much to see in that short time.

Here are some of the wildlife captures I got whilst waiting for those people shots I was seeking. enjoy.

Royal Albatross, Bullers’ Mollymawk, Barracutta, New Zealand Fur Seals

market and new web resource

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Another Octagon market tomorrow. Last weeks was abandoned due to really high winds. You have no idea how scary a market stall being blown across the street is until you have experienced it.

Also started work on a new website to sell my fine art prints. hope to have the domain name registered and the the site ready to launch  this time next week.

Watch this space.

In the meantime I took some shots at the speedway in Waldronville on Saturday. These ones are of my mate Shane MacDonalds car ( no. 162)


Market day

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Took a stall at the local market here in Dunedin.
The Octagon market attracts locals as well as tourists off of the cruise ships.

I sold a nice wee print of hoopers inlet to a lady from Dingwall in Scotland and met a couple who went to the same primary school as me – its a crazy old world right enough.
Anyway, here is my stall.

I am back at the market on wednesday 18th of November, so if your in town, drop by & say hi.


More commercial work

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As promised here some of the shots I done for John Leslie at Leslie Rugby. Just some shots of his team of people that keep the business going.

It was a cold day and I think it shows in some of the photos. It was good fun though and I think we might arrange to re-shoot it when the weather gets better.

Putting proposal together to do a wee project in a  local school, which hopefully will work out. Now starting to prepare that business plan that I should have done last month. Lets hope it all comes out as I hope.

Commercial work begins

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Finished a marketing shoot for Nichols Garden Centre here in Dunedin a couple of days ago.

Finished some work for John Leslie at Leslie Rugby today, which was an absolute hoot. We had a bit of a laugh and managed to get some nice team shots, they are a real fun team which I hope comes through in the shots. Leslie Rugby have a great range of products and a wonderful business philosophy. I hope to post pictures online tomorrow.

Doing some work for the Dunedin Rhododendron Festival this weekend, which should be fun.

A walk in the park it isn’t

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Attended a business start-up seminar run by IRD yesterday.

It has given me a lot to think about and an even longer list of things to do 🙂

Placed a couple of my St.Clair prints in a local designer shop today in an effort to sell my wares. fingers crossed.

More prints to be done tomorrow and a days framing to get them looking just so.